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Warehouse in Ohio - Capital of eCommerce

Accelerate your eCommerce Business

Accererate your eCommerce business with our drop shipping and FBA Prep services.

With our drop shipping service you get some of the best shipping rates in the industry and access to our free inventory management software, allowing you to scale your shipping options with ease.

Our facility in Cincinnati, OH is in a prime location for shipping your products to most of the United States and Canada. Leading online retailers like Home Depot are discovering why Ohio is prime realestate for eCommerce businesses. We are located near the I-275 and I-75 merger, providing us easy access to Cincinnati's transport hub.

Our Facility

Our facility:

  • Is loading-dock and drive-in door equipped
  • Has dedicated storage space for each customer
  • Temperature controlled warehousing
  • Entry and exit protocols for all employees and guests
  • 24 hour security monitoring
  • Insurance to protect your assets

Drop Ship Services

Ship and Forward

With our forwarding service you get your very own US address where you can have packages delivered, stored, consolidated, and forwarded.

As each package arrives we take a picture and notify you by email.

You can easily generate outbound shipments, ask for package inspections, or consolidate your orders from our inventory management portal.

Inventory Barcoding Service

With our stickered drop-shipping service each item you sell is sent to us before sale, where we assign a unique Item Number and record condition of the item. If the item is returned you will know exactly which item it was. This information can be used to get a better overall picture of your real profit margin, spot supply chain problems, and protect your investment.

FBA Preparation

Our drop shipping customers can easily take advantage of our Amazon FBA preparation services.

Discounted Shipping

Increase your competitive advantage with some of the best USPS and FedEx rates in the industry. Try out shipping calculator now.