FBA Shipments Policy

To better serve our customers, Marksman RSC has implemented the following policy regarding shipments to Amazon Fulfillment Centers effective September 21, 2018.

This policy is to ensure your FBA shipments can be processed accurately and promptly. Shipments which do not conform to this policy may be significantly delayed, blocked, or subject to additional labor surcharges as the situation may require. We are aware many FBA Prep providers suffer from unacceptable delays in service. This policy is our effort to ensure our prep services remain fast and reliable throughout the year.

General Requirements

The following requirements must be met when shipping inventory to any Amazon FBA center from Marksman RSC.

  1. Each FBA Shipment must be placed as a separate outbound shipment in Marksman’s inventory management system.
  2. When prompted for the Order Id of your shipment it must match the FBA Shipment Id.
  3. You must provide the following information before we begin processing your shipments:
    1. Correct FNSKU / FBA labels for any items which require them (see the Amazon FBA Labels / FNSKU Stickers requirements below).
    2. Complete instructions for any prep (bundling, kitting, labels, etc.) required for your items.
  4. Once we have completed all processing, including any prep and labeling, we will notify you that your shipment is complete. This notification will include details about how your order has been packed, including box/pallet sizes, contents, and weights.
    1. Please do not arrange for shipping until you have received this notice from us.
    2. Once you receive this notice, please make shipping arrangements within 72 hours. At this stage, your shipment will be packed and ready in our outbound staging area, which is valuable floor space. If you do not arrange shipping within 72 hours, Marksman will charge your account $1.00 per CuFt each day until your shipment has been picked up. If you require assistance arranging shipping or experience an unforeseen problem, please contact us about it as soon as possible. We will be happy to work with you.

Amazon FBA Labels / FNSKU Stickers

If your items require FNSKU labels, you must provide the necessary information for Marksman to match your labels to your products in an efficient manner.

If the Merchant SKU in Seller Central matches the Merchant SKU used in our inventory management system, you can just click the link “Download SKU List” in Seller Central and attach that file to your request. This enables us to efficiently and accurately generate the correct labels and apply them to your products.

If the Merchant SKU in Seller Central does not match the Merchant SKU used in our inventory management system, you may do any of the following:

  • Provide the FNSKU while placing your inbound request
    • When you place an incoming order to our facility, you can provide the FNSKU for your items at that time.
    • It’s beneficial to do this for several reasons:
      • We will apply the FNSKU to your items during check-in, which makes them available for shipping much sooner.
      • We give you a discount on the Amazon Label fees.
  • Provide us a spreadsheet with the following three columns:
    1. The Merchant SKU in Seller Central
    2. The Merchant SKU seen in our inventory management system
    3. The correct FNSKU for the item.
  • Use our “Relisting Tool.”
    • Our relisting tool is located under “Inventory” -> “Relist to Amazon” on our inventory management system.
    • You are encouraged to read the instructions before using it.
    • There is a simple way to use this to correct SKUs in our system and speed up the creation of orders.
  • If the shipment includes 3 or less distinct products, you may simply add the correct FNSKU as a comment on the request or attach the Barcode.pdf file from Seller Central.

LTL and FTL Requirements

LTL and FTL shipments are subject to the following requirements:

  1. You must select the “Palletize” option under “Add-On Services” when placing your request.
  2. The BOL (Bill of Lading) must be uploaded and attached to the request at least 24 hours before a truck arriving to pick up your shipment. It is also acceptable to send the BOL to [email protected] with the FBA Shipment Id in the subject line.
  3. For truck shipments which exceed 15 minutes loading time, you may be billed our current “Shipping Container – Ship or Receive” rate, which can be located here.
  4. Trucks which arrive outside our regular business hours may be refused. Please be sure to arrange for pickup during our posted hours of operation.

FAQ / Help

I can’t find out what my FNSKU is. What should I do?

This is a common question, especially from sellers using software such as Inventory Labs, which produces the stickers later in the process of arranging a shipment. There are several easy ways to solve this problem.

Seller Central – FBA Inventory (for just a couple items)

Follow this link or navigate to sellercentral.amazon.com, click on Inventory and then “Manage FBA Inventory”. On that page you will see a checkbox labeled “Show ASIN/FNSKU”. Click that checkbox and you will be able to find the ASIN and FNSKU for your products.

Seller Central – FBA Inventory Export (for many items)

Follow this link or navigate to sellercentral.amazon.com, click on Reports and then Fulfillment. On the left side under Inventory select “Manage Inventory.” Then click Request Download, wait a few minutes, and download the file attachment. The file can be opened with Google Sheets, LibreOffice, or Excel.

My merchant SKU in Marksman doesn’t match Seller Central. What’s the quickest way to fix it?

The quickest way to fix it is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Relisting Tool inside our inventory management system, located under Inventory -> Relist to Amazon
  2. You’ll notice an area on the right side labeled “SKU Options.” Change the Grouping Method to “ASIN and Condition,” and change SKU Generation Method to “Derive from Merchant SKU.” Then click apply.
  3. In the form below you’ll notice you can now edit the SKU for each of your items. Set the SKU to match your Amazon FBA Inventory.
  4. Press submit at the bottom of the page.
    1. The next page will give you a spreadsheet and some instructions about uploading it to Amazon. Ignore the instructions. You don’t need to do that.
  5. Navigate to Seller Central. Go to Inventory -> Manage FBA Shipments and locate the FBA Shipment you want to send to Amazon. You will notice a link which says “Download SKU list.” Click it, and save the file it gives you.
  6. Now back on our website, go to Requests -> FBA Checkout. Upload the SKU List on that web page. Our system will automatically create the FBA Shipment in our system, with the correct FBA Shipment Id and FNSKUs for your products.