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Outsource Your Return Handling to Us

Marksman RSC provides innovative return handling and reverse-logistics solutions tailored for your online business. Read on to learn how we can help your business grow.

Is Return Handling Right for Me?

If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions our services are right for you:

How it works

Outsourcing your return handling is easy! This process works like this:

  1. Your customers send returned products directly to us
  2. We service your returned items according to your needs
  3. We ship your completed inventory from our warehouse as-needed

Return Handling Services

We provide customizable levels of return handling services.

Level 1: Receive and Forward Returns

Your returned items ship to us, where we:

  1. Send you an automatic email when your package arrives
  2. We consolidate your returned items and ship them back to you.

This level of service is a great way to save on shipping charges, as your returned merchandise is consolidated at our location in Cincinnati, OH before being shipped back to you.

Level 2: Inspect Returned Items

Your returns ship directly to us where we inspect each item to make sure your end-buyer returned the correct item, undamaged.

Issue Refunds With Confidence

We notify you at each step of the inspection process enabling you to refund customers more accurately. You will receive an email each time we receive one of your returns.

If we find any of the following problems with your returns you're notified:

Level 3: Test & Recondition

Our premium return handling service includes everything from Inspection, plus we fully test and recondition each of your items.

  1. We test each feature of the item to make sure it works perfectly
  2. We recondition your item for highest resale value.

    This includes:

    • Cleaning any dust or debris
    • Replacing damaged packaging
    • Replacing missing or damaged components

Get your items back to market

We grade each of your items using the same condition guidelines as Amazon. Our inventory management system allows you to search and track your returned items at every step of the return handling process.

Completed items are all graded with conditions such as "New", "Used - Like New", or "Defective or Damaged", along with a comment describing any issues with the product.

With our system you can directly relist your completed items to Amazon or ship your items anywhere in the world using our our discounted FedEx and USPS rates.

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