FBA Label and Prep service for Amazon

Improve your ROI and shipping speed.

If you are A seller from over seas and run into issues with Amazons FBA label requirements, our service is tailored just for you.

You Ship it  we prep it.

Ship your merchandise to our warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. We will handle your shipment, verify arrival condition, quantity, and apply FBA labels to your stock before shipping to Amazon.

FBA Prep

  • Send item to us.
  • We Check it in.
  • You List your item.
  • We process and ship the product to amazon.


  • We Ship and Forward.
  • Inventory Barcoding Service.
  • Fulfillment Service.
  • Discounted Shipping.

Returns Processing

  • We receive the returns.
  • Returns sent to Inspections.
  • Test & Reset.
  • Re-list and Sell.

Why Marksman?

Best Prices around

Excellent Return on investment

Superior packaging and shipping

Services we offer

Prep Services

  • FBA Labeling plus stickering.
  • Amazon FBA labels.
  • Warning stickers.
  • Custom branded stickers.

Inserts and bundling 

  • Manuals, Marketing materials.
  • Multiple item bundle packs.
  •  Apply Custom branding.


  •  Replace packaging.
  •  poly-bags, cushion padding.
  • custom branding.

Product Inspections

  • Inspect Merchandise to ensure quality.


  •  Photos of merchandise on arrival.
  • Provide high quality pictures for your Amazon listing(s).

Custom Services

  •  Anything you want done to your product that wasn’t listed we can do at affordable rates.

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