10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your FBA Prep

10 Reasons why you should outsource your FBA prep.

10.   Amazon Requirements:

FBA prep has a ton of rules which can be very easy to get wrong. By outsourcing your FBA prep, you are letting the experts do what they do best. Having a great team do the complex work for you saves you time and lowers the risk of your items being rejected by Amazon.

9. Packing:

You will be doing minuscule tasks like making up boxes, printing labels, and inspecting your stock, when your time could be spent growing your business.

8.  Pricing:

You wont have to worry about buying packing supplies like; tape, boxes, and stickers or shipping.

7.  Location:

Ohio FBA prep services can ship to 90% of the USA in two days or less, which in turn could lock in more customers for your business by having quick shipping.

6.  Inventory management

Many logistics providers offer free web-based software to manage your inventory and fulfillment.


5.  warehouse Storage:

A lot of Amazon sellers are turning to Prep services, not only for the prep and fulfillment, but for warehouse storage. If you’re a business it’s much easier to have someone else store your items, instead of getting a storage box, or your own warehouse which can cost 1000’s of dollars.


4.  Processing Time:

Majority of prep services have a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time in how fast they will get your item out. The fast turn around time could help your business out greatly, especially if you are busy.  Getting your item out in 24 to 48 hours will keep your customers happy as well.

3.  Inspection:

Inspections is a very important factor when choosing a FBA prep service. When items are shipped they could have shifted during delivery and may have arrived damaged. If you have 1000’s of items you are planning on selling, it makes it a lot easier to have a FBA prep service inspect the items for you.  Instead of you going through every single one. Some FBA prep services even fix the damages for you if applicable.

2.  Climate Controlled Environment:

A climate controlled facility is very important especially if you are selling electronics or perishable goods. Climate control will make sure your items won’t freeze or go bad.

1. Product Labeling:

Each item must be labeled with a scannable bar-code such as (ISBN,UPC,EAN,or Jan) The unit bar-code must be easily scanable or it will be sent back.  As stated in number 9. These tasks can be very tedious and minuscule, thus why it may be in your best interest to use a FBA prep service.


We hope you found this guide too finding an FBA prep service helpful.




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