Outsource Your Returns Processing and Handling

Are you tired of your returns piling up at your warehouse while the value of the items depreciates? Are you losing time and money shipping returns overseas? Marksman’s reverse logistics return processing can turn the tide for you and your company. Read on to find out how we can improve your bottom line and maximize your profit.

Start Reclaiming Losses Now

If you are processing your returns in-house or liquidating returned merchandise, you’re probably losing more money than you realize. Return volume fluctuates and return shipments often contain items across all sales categories. Return processing is inherently costly and time consuming for individual eCommerce┬ácompanies. Labor has to be redirected and the processes are difficult to stream line. This leads to merchandise sitting around or heading to a liquidator for pennies on the dollar.

Marksman RSC is specialized in handling returned merchandise. The volume of returns we receive on a daily basis allows us to maintain specialized staff on site and streamlined processes for handling all returns. We can reclaim the value of your returned items and get them back on the market so you can profit.

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You could be losing more than you realize.

Contact one of our reverse logistics specialists today to learn how you can recover your losses.


Scalable Returns Processing Solutions – How it Works:

Marksman RSC provides innovative returns processing and reverse-logistics solutions tailored to your online business. Our returns processing service can be customized to fit your every need.

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Returns ship directly to our warehouse.

You receive automatic arrival confirmation with pictures.

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We inspect returns for missing components, damage, or incorrect item received.

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We test all item functions and reset to factory setting if needed.

[one_fourth_last] [services1 icon=”line-chart” color=”light” heading=”Re-List and Sell” animate=”bounceInUp”] Your completed items go back to the market.
[/services1] [/one_fourth_last] [one_third_last] [services2 icon=”graduation-cap” color=”dark” heading=”Quality” animate=”0″ delay=”0″] We are experts. Our processes are overseen by certified technicians who are constantly refining and streamlining your reverse logistics.
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